Best Coding Classes for Children

The increase in tech and the need for IT professionals and Computer Programmers has seen a steady increase over the years. However, 2020 has seen a surge in the need for increased computer literacy among the population as society has been forced into the digital space (See the full technation report here). Therefore, computer programming skills are becoming increasingly important. 

So what courses are best to get children into coding from an early age? See below for our top 4 suggestions:


Scratch was developed at MIT by specialists with child psychology in mind where specialists identified how children create in order to design a block-based coding platform for children to start their coding journeys and grasp early coding concepts. It was designed to be a visual resource which allows young children to pick up the concepts of coding and understand the fundamentals in a fun, creative, and engaging way. Create:Next’s Scratch curriculum has been created by tech professionals to cover key coding concepts while creating games, animations, and interactive animations. 


Python programming is growing in popularity as the number one choice for children learning to code. Due to its easy syntax, children are able to learn and understand concepts easily. Learning Python can allow children to develop their creative and logical thinking skills. Learning Python from a young age improve cognitive development in children. Python can also help push children ahead of their peers as it is used in many real-life platforms such as data science, machine learning, web applications, data analytics, robotics just to name a few.


Like with Python, Java is a very important skill to know in relation to future progression and is also an extremely popular coding language among young code learners. The Oracle University blog posted an article which outlines the top 10 reasons why you should consider learning Java. Within the article, Oracle highlights multiple reports which illustrate the importance of having Java within your skillset and how this then increases your wage bracket.


Number 4 on our top 4 coding courses for children is Web Programming. Within a Web programming course children will learn HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Web development allows children to be creative and turn their ideas into tangible results on screen. When children learn the skills which will enable them to make their ideas come to life nothing is out of their reach.

Now that the top 4 coding courses for children have been identified, what is stopping you from kickstarting your child’s future and making sure they stand out from the crowd! Check out our home page now to see how we can help bring your child’s ideas to life and facilitate their coding learning journey.